Monday, March 8, 2010

My top envrironmental articles for this week of March 8, 2010

The Nation's attack on the corruption in the green movement is a must read.  This is a scary look at organizations like Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy and others.  They appear to represent green causes, but have been corrupted by corporate interests.  Greenpeace, one of my favorite environmental organizations, is one of the good ones.   I'm waiting to see what Sierra Club has to say in their own defense.

An important discussion about why women are being left out of the climate debate is discussed in the  article posted below.  The exclusion of women from this aspect of environmentalism is telling and rarely  noted.  Thanks to Elizabeth Becker and Suzanne Ehler for opening up the discussion.  Why is there no female counterpart to Al Gore?  Why is global warming science male dominated?  Or is it?

Whatever happened to the Green Party?  It is time to revive it.  Green Tea anyone???

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