Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Women Strike For Peace members Phyllis Resnick, Shirley R. Hutner, and Thalia Stern Broudy, speaking at the Miami, Florida Peace Center about their trip to Washington D.C. to protest  above-ground nuclear bomb testing in the U.S.  Most of the women in WSP were mothers.  They acted out of concern for their children's health because of the spread of radiation nation and worldwide from nuclear bomb fallout.  In the mid- 1950s, Radioactive Strontium 90 was found in cow's milk and children's teeth and bones and this information set them off on a call to end nuclear bomb testing.  

The heroic work of the members of Women Strike For Peace led to the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963. 

 Unfortunately, they were unable to put an end to underground bomb testing, and the radiation poisoning continued (and continues) as it could not be fully contained below ground.

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