Thursday, April 7, 2011

A mother and son were checked for radiation exposure in Fukushima

Fukushima Mother of worker: 'They Have Accepted They Will All Probably Die’

     Japan nuclear crisis: Mothers-to-be flee Fukushima leak after        radiation alert
    Banker Matt Saunderson, 33 - among Brits determined to get      families clear - said: "I'm sending  my wife and children home. "It doesn't matter what the Japanese authorities are saying - when it comes to nuclear fallout, or the risk of it, I'm not taking chances with my kids."

Tragic ... grief-stricken Yoshie Murakami reaches out to hold her mother's hand after finding her dead in the rubble - her 23-year-old daughter is also missing  Milk contaminated  A Mother and Son
  were checked for radiation exposure

Water contaminated unsafe for babies  

                         Mothers for Peace on alert   


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Hi professor Hutner, or at least former professor...I have sent you a couple of emails via the one connected with the school and it appears as though you do not check it. Not sure if you remember me but it was your Asian student from the last fall semester...

Anyways, the first thought I have about the blog was that it is quite personable but in an informal way.

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