Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Japanese Delegation Speaks about the Fukishima Disaster

This week in New York City, a delegation of families, farmers, and spokespersons from Japan has come to tell the story of the Fukishima disaster to the U.N.  They are speaking, as well, at various public locations in NYC.  They want to share their stories and tell the world, "It is time to stop nuclear power."  I've listed the dates and times for these talks in my previous post on "Green Events."  Tonight, I will hear them speak at the Ethical Culture Society (5-9), and I will share more about this afterwards.

The two countries that have not learned from the Fukishima disaster are Japan and the U.S.

In the U.S., we have 23 reactors that are identical to those that melted in Fukishima and some of our reactors are in precarious geological positions (faultlines) where they are threatened by future earthquakes.

Are we crazy?

What are we waiting for?  It is time to mobilize and shut our plants down now.  Our children's lives are at great risk.

The Japanese delegates speak here:

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