Saturday, January 21, 2012

cuts and invasions


Eyes hands how many hands have touched my breasts i'm not just talking about lovers hands i'm talking about doctors and nurses and technicians and surgeons and radiologists and machines pressing and radiation Eyes heart and neck /cut/ my neck and breasts and womb and belly and face Eyes for that I am alive for that I am Eyes for that I am dead Eyes inside airport breasts hospital bed sonogram MRI catscan mammogram watchful arms up! dig in


                   secret what?

Post location here ## .... ten second to press # button

shoes off
coat off
belts off
scarf off
put your personal belongings
in this plastic

airport nakedness

all bags are black

Where did you purchase those BIG breasts?

                   What color [are your] blinders?

Thank you
     for not speaking
do not be a busy body
Just So

are you an eco terrorist?

   drones are flying up high

private groups talking privately
##   can they accomplish?
fake bellies marching
penguins marching
In front of Japanese consulate
   penguins voting
will they get arrested?
[unspoken fear]
quietly 200 species dying each day
not enough poetry not enough
deep greens
solar panels ## solution
not so
do not look for solutions
back to the forest
but when they are lost
no more forests
what then?
it's not just  humans?
so anthropomorphic are you!

GUILT for all that I have not done

the babies


listening now

raining tears

you certainly understand
though you pretend
not to

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