Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bright Night

remembering the first time
we met    such
persistent stars

   sparkling close

into your eyes I entered

never again yet

   (except in
sleep entwined
   or dancing)

at first -- relief at goodbye

glad to say:
I need more than your
typewriter of fame

oh what could you
taste and sea?
(in your oh so busyness?)

not my black Iris's?
not my red child?
not my stone shore?
not my white geese?

what is this story
again and again:
oh dark, dark men

who die in my arms.

I lost my father young

tonight I am sad

oh dark, dark man

my father:
who saw his little saulie
fall from the window
onto the streets
of new york
who saw the crash
his father crash
who saw his older brother
die in the abraham lincoln brigade
who saw his little sister

my father of rages and fear

he loved me most (he said)
on his deathbed:
"you are my bright star"

oh sexy men of such charm

the wars you start
the lies you tell
the love you don't give

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