Friday, June 29, 2012

Poetry by Michael Geddes

"They Say"

They say that they can feel me.
I want to touch them with my prose and embrace their souls,
sparing them from the devils that so haunted me.
They say that they can hear me.
I want my words to resound within their skulls,
breaking up the mired continence that is what they have come to know.
They say that they can taste my passion.
I want to go to sleep knowing that I inspired a few people to think
rather than blindly accepting the biased musings of the mainstream media.
They say that they can smell my dreams coming to fruition.
I want the fruits of my labor to hang low enough for even the smallest
of children to bear.
They say that they can see my vision.
A peaceful place for all inhabitants of the earth
Regardless of supposed stature or material worth.
They say that they can do a lot of things now that I recall.
But that only leaves us to wonder,
Is any action going to follow it all?

(Written at Clearwater Revival)


What do I really need?
Or do I really mean,
What do I believe I need?
Guess that depends on  what I believe.
What do I believe?
Wait, something's missing.
I just know it is.
I feel it.
You know when something is with you.
What do I need?
I need to believe.
I need to believe in someone.
Someone who exudes absolute confidence when there is no turning back.
Not someone who cowers when the opportunity presents itself.
I need to believe in someone.
I need to believe in someone who remains calm despite the doubtful outlook.
Not someone who abandons hope at the first sign of trouble.
Someone who can endure the hardships of a tumultuous existence.
Someone who won't crumble under the mounting pressures of adulthood.
I need to believe in someone who can ignore societal perception and
help a person in need.
Not someone's whose only interest is self preservation.
I need to believe in someone who ingests the medias force fed lies and
expels an intermediate truth.
Not someone who gorge's themselves on the preaching of the masses and
regurgitates their attempts at misinformation.
I need to believe in someone who can release themselves from the
cyclical monotony that we call a daily routine.
Someone who manages to follow their passion, with little to no regard
for social constraints.
I need to believe in someone who observes the world around them, and
seeks to adjust it to their liking.
Not someone who allows a self-created institution to dictate their
every action; imprisoning their mind, body, and soul.
I need to believe in someone who will bombard our greed driven,
capitalist empire with an arsenal of carefully arranged words;
Harnessing the power of raw, unfiltered emotion. Not someone who waits
for their passive aggressive pleas for reform to be heard.
I need to believe in someone who will not only encourage change but
inspire, implement, and facilitate it.
I need to believe in someone who strives to change the country for the
greater good.
Not just to gain seats in the House or prolong the existence of a
political party.
I need to believe in someone who conducts their business in order to
supply a need and make a living.
Not to exploit an environment for its resources, and enslave the
native population.
I need to believe in someone who puts the livelihood of mankind
tomorrow before the luxuries of today.
Someone who will leave this world in a better state than they found it.
We all need to believe in someone.
We all need to believe.

"That's What Trees Said"

I will not let you uproot me
from the place that has so given me nourishment
till this point that we have come to know as today.
I will not let you prevent me from becoming what I have dreamed
of becoming since my inception.
I have grown way too strong and far too resilient to
let you simply tear down my freedom
What I bring to this world is an element that no other can provide.
I Withstand all of your downpours upon my solace,
using them to the best of my ability to bring vital benefits to fruition.
Take your filthy hands off of me,
I wish to maintain my pristine nature and flourish despite the blatant
I want nothing to do with your
Chains and other efforts of
subjugation through attacks on my sensory.
I may not be the oldest, nor am I the youngest.
But in my time here,
I have learned that we are all just as important as the next
and none of us is worth sacrificing.
Yet the devilish glare in your eyes is hinting that youd rather set me
ablaze in a  a four alarm fire caused by ill restraint
Do you want to make an example of me?
Is that what you want?
Years ago, I wouldn't have given a second thought as to whether
or not I should question the reason for my existence.
I didn't know whether I would be able to overcome the disasters
that have come to plague out lives.
Now I know that I can whether any storm, and the simply fact that I
still exist is reason enough for me to be just as entitled to this
land as you.
Why should you decide my fate?
Do we not breathe the same air?
Why should you decide my fate?
Who says you even do?
I refuse to accept, even for a minute that you may control my destiny.
I'll still be something with or without your so called help.
Thats what trees said.
Or at least thats what I'd like to believe

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