Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mothers' Die In: "Prime Minister Noda Don't Restart the Oi Nuclear Power Plant"

In Spring, 2012, Prime Minister Noda announced his plan to reopen the Oi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, the first plant to be restarted since the Fukushima disaster of 3/11.

Since that time, anti-nuclear mothers, along with hundreds of thousands of Japanese people hit the streets marching, dancing, fasting, protesting, singing, and demanding that the Japan nation give up nuclear power altogether.  They strongly oppose the restart of the Oi Nuclear Power Plant and all nuclear power plants worldwide.

The "Die In", taking place in Prime Minister Noda's office on June 7, 2013,  exhibits the highly emotional and strong feelings of Japanese anti-nuclear mothers.  They demand the permanent shut of all nuclear plants.

This video, "A Heartfelt Appeal of Fukushima Mothers" demands the reduction of acceptable limits of radiation exposure in Fukushima.  After 3/11, acceptable amounts of radiation were raised substantially for both citizens and nuclear plant workers.

Stunning news.  The result of  high levels of radiation in Fukushima: 36 percent of exposed children have abnormal growths and nodes on their thryroids just over one year after 3/11.  By comparison, such results in Russian children after the Chernobyl disaster took 5 to 10 years to develop. 

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