Thursday, December 22, 2011

Inspiring--light--TEDxAsheville - Leah Quintal - Beyond handouts in Haiti

This is a beautiful vision of what 'seemingly small' environmental and sustainable actions can do. Bringing light can change lives.

"Hold the light up high!"

This is the season of light... for Channukah, for Christmas, for all world religions.

It is the time to shine the "light up high."


Leah Latifolia said...

Hello Heidi. This is Leah. Thank you so much for blogging about my program. My TEDx sponsor just informed me! You've got it totally right. It seems to good to be true sometimes, but simple solar light--portable renewable energy--can and is making a HUGE impact in women's lives in Haiti. If you or any of your readers are interested in learning more or donating a solar bulb, check out our website:

.Ecofeminist and Mothering Ruminations said...

Thank you for your wonderful work, Leah.... amazing. Yes, I hope my readers will read more about what you do and what a great gift to the world!