Thursday, August 11, 2011

Omega: A goblin and many secrets

Visiting Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY during family week:  this morning  I was startled by the tangled morning glories on a wooden fence. I miss them so; my yard at home won't host glories for some reason.  When I lived in New York City, my window boxes were filled with them and they crawled up the sides of the old frames.  I love that Omega has an organic vegetable garden at its center with young folks picking and digging and tending--slowly, in unison, as a perfect dance.  For some reason I feel as if I'm in some futuristic science fiction ecofeminist novel--perhaps Woman on the Edge of Time.  I am also reminded of places I've lived, visited, and loved~such as the berry land of the San Juan Islands and Celo Community.

Things I like:
1) the plantings--flowers, veggies, green
2) the kindness of people (they look in your eyes, stop and ask you how you are and really listen, and share honestly about themselves)
3) crazy hairdos (turbans, wildness, shaved heads, colorful scarves, dreadlocks)
4) flowing skirts and scarves
5) impulsive wild laughter
6) mixed ages--babies and the very old
7) mixed human cultures (I've been practicing my french)
8) tennis in the rain
9) teenagers wear antlers and pointy ears
10) spontaneous hugging
11) dancing, dancing, dancing
12) groundhogs
14) sunshine on the lake
15) the little forest people
16) singing pete seeger on the porch with Izzie on guitar with a host of folks~young, old, black, yellow and white
17) my daughter is a goblin with a sword of many secrets (they won the battle)
18) a startling show of masks and rock and roll

Oh glory that humans can dream up such fanciful beauty~

Oh glory that I am here~

Oh amazing grace how sweet you are~

My dream:
That we should all find and build sustainable, loving, beautiful communities to live and be in, in a permanent way (such as permanence goes!)~not just short term visits (although these are good for learning and rejuvenation).   Oh, yes, we need to create and support human communities that contribute to, but do not drain, our planet's precious and gifts!

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