Saturday, August 13, 2011

Song for the Ocean

Speaking of ecology and interconnections: I saw Kristin Hoffman perform for the first time in Northport Village, NY and sang harmony with her on a Joni song a few months ago; then Carolyn Raffensperger posted this fabulous song of hers on FB (link above), and I watched and said, "Wow. I just met this woman! Small world!" Been thinking of Kristin ever since and wanting to reconnect with her somehow, and on my last morning at Omega Institute this past week, as I was chewing on my breakfast, Kristin walked by and I recognized her yet again. We huggged and she told me where she'll be playing this week back home.  What a small and amazing world. When you want to see someone, just close your eyes, and there they are. 

Take a listen to this gorgeous song Kristin wrote about our precious oceans.

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