Saturday, August 6, 2011

What is a new poem?

I want to tell you about The Long Emergency 
And talk to you of the vanishing bees
Just as I want to touch the crease and wrinkles 
On the sides of your eyes
The slack aging skin of your jaw
And take you inside me
And hear of your protests at the Nevada Test Site
And listen to you tell me of prison
And inhale your chemistry lessons
Just as I tell you to look in my eyes
And speak of the two children in red
(Our children)

Each book I read has a reference
To the sea where you are now

Each day I move closer
To the light beneath the water
At night understanding more
Yet you do not know my days!
Or see my words!
You make love to others--
Do they read of the end of the world, too?
Do they read of the heat and the tar?
Do they read of the explosions in the desert?

Only I can know
As I go deeper into the carbon
And the fossil
And the shale
Who you are


deborah jiang stein said...

Heidi, I've been enjoying reading your blog here.

.Ecofeminist and Mothering Ruminations said...

Thanks so much, Deborah. I am glad that it touches you.