Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tar Sands Film by Josh Fox: What You Should Know and Why You Should Protest

Tar Sands Action/ Josh Fox from JFOX on Vimeo.

Bill McKibben just out of jail... :


Craig Johnson said...

My partner, Judy Wicks, just returned from the Tar Sands Civil Disobedience in DC, she is inspired by the experience. She connected with supporters from all over the country and Canada....the authorities are no longer keeping activists in jail. The fine is $100. If you are considering participating ... Don't hesitate ... Your support is needed Now .... Craig

Shancor said...

Hi Professor,
I was thinking that the connection of the recent earthquake to fracking might be a good talking point for the cause because of the ad nauseam coverage the quake received. Past quakes in other states haven't garnered such media attention and the Virginia nuclear plant's proximity to the epicenter invites frightening comparisons to Japan.
Sorry if this is all to obvious. I'm only just becoming aware.

.Ecofeminist and Mothering Ruminations said...

Thanks, Craig, for these wise words! Shancor,your words are important, and not at all obvious.